ATP Consulting & Computer

It is our mission to provide our customers with a cost-effective IT solution custom-designed to their computing and networking needs.

It is our vision that the power of choice be put back into the consumer's hands with regard to IT solutions.  You wouldn't buy a car without checking under the hood first, or have it fixed by a mechanic who isn't properly trained, so why settle for anything less when it comes to your IT needs?

As reliant as we are these days on computers and the networks that link them, we can't afford to have them out of commission for an extended period.  With computers harboring information crucially important to our personal and business lives, ATP Consulting understands the significance of not only having a computer or network fit for your needs, but also making sure that both are in top shape.

Whether you are in the market for an upgrade or replacement computer system, or would like to wire your home or business for wireless Internet access, ATP Consulting can provide a solution tailored to your specifications.

Humans, by nature, enjoy personalizing their possessions. We personally customize our cars, houses and other important investments, so why not purchase an IT solution that allows you to have the same opportunity?

Offering home and small office products and services, ATP Consulting provides a personal touch in the delivery of goods of the highest quality.  Taking into account the sophistication and rapid pace of the IT industry, ATP Consulting provides its customers with personal guidance and knowledge surrounding a product and/or service so that an appropriate solution can be provided.  Why is this important? Instead of selecting a good based solely on what retail packaging or promotional literature sets forth, an ATP Consulting consultant will go several steps further by diagnosing client needs, and tailoring a product and/or service specific to these requirements; we fit the product to the person, not vice versa.

If you have an existing computer system or network that needs maintenance or upgrading, ATP Consulting gives you the option of having a consultant perform on or off-site work depending upon your needs and the urgency of your request.

In many cases, purchasing a computer system or network is a serious investment.  Not only will ATP Consulting provide you with a top-notch system and/or network solution, but we will also make sure to save you time and money in the process.  Contact us today for a product or service consultation, or for information on how we can serve your needs!