Home Automation

ATP sells and services HomeSeer™ and third party Home Automation products.  Automation and Surveillance systems can be integrated.

Automation Planning

ATP provides complete home automation planning services.  We provide complete security systems that can be integrated with a surveillance system.  We can automate everything from garage doors, door locks, lighting, electrical outlets, HVAC, environment monitoring, water control, window treatments, and things that operate electrically.

Automation Installation

Installations integrate with existing wiring and appliances.  Local electricians are used to meet any code requirements.  Security systems are wireless or integrated with existing wiring.  Z-Wave and X10 automation devices are used to communicate with controllers.  Scripts are programmed for custom automation scenarios.

Automation Control

A HomeSeer™ controller or Windows PC with HomeSeer™ software are the heart of the automation system.  IOS, Android, wall mounted or other portable devices are used as control stations.  Alerts and alarms are delivered to cell phones and / or others devices.  The HomeSeer controller keeps a history of events.