Network Systems

ATP sells and services Netgear™, Engenius™ and D-Link™ products.  We build indoor and outdoor wireless systems.  We service many other network products.

Network Planning

ATP provides complete network planning services for home, small office and small business.  We provide complete network systems that include integration with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or we can help you choose a provider.  We can upgrade and extend your existing network or plan a new network combining wireless, wired and fiber with the latest storage and security appliances.

Network Installation

Installations integrate with existing network wiring and appliances as required.  We will work with your building contractor for prewired installations.  Signal attenuation and interference are analyzed to optimize wireless installations.  We can connect remote locations and satellite offices to your main office.   We can connect adjacent buildings with wireless bridges.

Network Monitoring

ATP can deploy small, inexpensive devices to monitor ISP connections and automatically reset a modem / router.  We can remotely test, reset or power cycle network devices.  WAN, LAN and WLAN connection quality can be automatically tested and reported.  We can create a map of your entire network to help optimize traffic routes and detect stressed network devices.