Surveillance System

ATP sells and services AXIS™ cameras.  We have installed surveillance systems from Oregon to Florida, including indoor / outdoor systems at manufacturing and warehouse facilities.

Surveillance Planning

ATP provides complete surveillance planning services from residences, small businesses, or large installations with dozens of cameras.  We provide location drawings that show coverage areas. Entrance / Egress detection, motion sensing, continuous spot recording, alarms, two way audio and other features are available.

Surveillance Installation

ATP provides wall, ceiling, outdoor and custom camera mounting solutions.  Wired cameras are powered over the Ethernet connection using PoE network switches. If your network requires more bandwidth due to the number of cameras and camera frame rates we can upgrade the network.  Wireless cameras are also available.

Surveillance Access

Cameras and recordings are controlled from PCs connected to the LAN or Internet.  User access is determined by login credentials and privilege levels.  Live and recorded viewing is available via IOS and Android mobile devices.  Recording devices can be customized for the number of cameras and retention requirements.

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