Website Development

ATP develops websites using Visual Studio and MVC.  We prefer WinHost™ hosting.  We also have experience with ASP, ASP.Net, PHP and WordPress™.

Hosting & Email

ATP can inexpensively host your website and email.  The hosting service we use offers many features including automatic backup, SSL certificates, SPAM control, Domain management, FTP access, site activity analysis, SEO services and much more. See Firefly Hedges for an example.

Custom or Themes

ATP will develop your website from scratch using Visual Studio™ and MVC or use tools like WordPress™ that offers many existing themes.  Custom websites can have a few pages or many pages with multi-level menus. We can add a forum too. See Since Sin Forum for an example.

Shopping & Data Driven

ATP can help you build a website with a shopping cart and payment system.  We can build data driven websites that dynamically change page content as your SQL Server™ or MySQL database is updated. Take a look at Since Sin Website as an example of a data driven website.